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Yidio is a video platform that collects content from several subscription video streaming providers, making it easy for users to watch them all from one interface. Yidio also lets users search for videos from specific genres, which is useful if they want to see a variety of different shows or movies. The website also lets you rate the shows and movies you’ve watched so far masstamilan.

Yidio was founded in 2008 by Eatros and his brother Adam, and has since raised a $350,000 angel round led by former Appolicious CEO Alan Warms and Jamie Crouthamel, now an investor in ValueClick. The company has 35 employees and has a free iPhone app.

In addition to allowing users to watch movies and TV shows, the Yidio app also enables users to add them to their watch lists, search through multiple services, and receive notifications for new content. Premium users can even get real-time notifications. The app works on Android, iOS, and Chromecast devices odisha discom.

The Yidio App allows users to find and stream content from more than 65 different sources. Most streaming services require users to install apps to view their content, but Yidio makes this unnecessary. It lets users add favorite shows and movies to their playlists, and allows users to search for videos by genre expotab.


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