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What Happens If an NFL Team Tied Every Game?

NFL teams can’t win all games, so how do they decide the division champion? Teams have several ways to break ties, including tiebreakers that compare wins and losses against different types of competition. The first tiebreaker is win-loss records against divisional opponents. Teams may have performed better against certain divisions than others. The second tiebreaker is win-loss records against common opponents. If both teams have the same record, the tiebreaker will be the division winner.

If an NFL team tied every game, it would have to play the other team twice in order to advance. This means that the division winners would get to play in the playoffs. It would also allow the team to play their division rival at home. The tiebreaker would determine which team gets the playoff spot first. But if the teams finish 10-6, a tie would be preferable, so why not have one game in each conference?

Another problem is that the NFL’s Sunday night package is funded by multiple sports gambling partners. Sportsbooks ravenously urge fans to bet on the games during telecasts, and if the team tied every game, bettors would be furious. And sportsbooks would be pointing the finger at the NFL. That would cause a public relations and legal crisis for the NFL. There are other issues, but this is the worst case scenario.

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