What Are The Different Alternatives Of Divorce?

Couples often do not want to go through the complex and lengthy hu procedure of divorce, even when their marriage is over. In such a situation, people have some potential alternatives for divorce that can avoid all the hassle and are also easy and quick.

Most states offer multiple divorce alternatives for couples to take time off each other. Depending on the couple’s preferences, the break can be permanent or temporary. They can even dissolve the marriage entirely, so it is ultimately up to them.

Suppose you and your spouse are considering separating, but there are some reasons like children, property, or finances because you want to take the easier way out. In that case, you must contact an Appleton divorce lawyer as soon as possible. 

Common alternatives to divorce 

Here are some standard options couples opt for instead of a divorce.

  • Trial separation 

As a couple, you might have marital issues or problems with each other. However, sometimes people are unsure whether they want to end their marriage or just need a break from each other. In such situations, a trial separation is the best option for you. 

Some couples also do this to form a habit of living without each other and manage a single person’s income. In a trial separation, you will be living away from your partner and attending regular couple therapy sessions with them to see if there is a resolution to your marriage. A trial separation is a test run for divorce.

  • Legal separation 

Once your trial separation is done and you still can’t figure out whether to file for a divorce or get back together, you can apply for a legal separation if your state allows it. Some states do not support legal separation, so it is best to talk to your lawyer before starting any legal procedures. 

A legal separation will give you a life similar to divorce, and also you have to go through the same procedures like assets and debts distributions, child custody, child support, etc. However, unlike divorce, you will still be legally married on paper but living separate lives. 

  • Annulment 

An annulment is usually filed to declare that the marriage is invalid. When you approve your annulment, it shows that your wedding was never legit as far as the law is concerned. While annulments are both civil and reliable, the law only considers civil annulments as legitimate.

To start your marriage’s annulment process, you must register a petition in the local court that must state the appropriate reason for annulment. 

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