Three Conditions to Meet to Build a Viable Truck Accident Lawsuit in Albuquerque

A semi-truck is a huge, heavy vehicle that can lead to devastating damage when involved in an accident. Victims of this kind of accident can have a traumatic experience due to the severe injuries they may sustain. So, if you are one of these victims, you may be wondering if you can sue the driver or someone else. Filing a lawsuit is usually possible depending on your situation but to get an absolute answer, you should allow an Albuquerque semi accident lawyer to assess your case.

In general, you can build a strong truck accident lawsuit when some conditions are met. First, the trucker and another party are responsible for your accident, you sustained injuries in this accident, and such injuries lead to damages. A skilled lawyer can review your options and advise you about the worth of your claim. Read on to know when you can have a claim after suffering from injuries in an accident that involved a semi-truck:

The Truck Driver Was at Fault for the Crash

You may have a truck accident case if the truck driver caused it. However, you must prove they acted negligently and caused the crash. Examples of negligent driving include speeding, drowsy driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence. Your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the crash to determine if the truck engaged in any type of reckless behavior. If found negligent, the driver will be held liable for your injuries and other damages. tinyzonetv

Other Parties May Be Liable

In a semi-truck accident, other parties can also be at fault. This is possible when the trucker fell asleep while driving and caused your accident. Your attorney may discover evidence that their employer routinely forced the driver to be on the road longer than what is legally allowed. In this case, the trucking company should also share responsibility for the crash. anonig 

In addition, trucking companies must hire only truckers with good safety records. Trucking companies that hired drivers with a history of substance abuse can be sued by an accident victim. 

Your Sustained Severe Injuries in the Truck Accident

To have a viable lawsuit against a party for causing your accident, you should have sustained injuries in it. Semi-trucks are bigger and heavier than passenger cars. Because of this, an accident that involves an 18-wheeler usually leads to severe injuries that could require expensive medical treatment and may permanently change the life of a victim. For you to have a viable lawsuit, your injuries should have led to damages. Thankfully, you can pursue compensation against the parties responsible for the accident.

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