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How to Find Online Educational Resources For Kids

There are many online educational resources for kids, but where do you begin? There are some great sites that offer free lessons, which are especially useful if your child is a bit hesitant about using the Internet. Khan Academy is a free website where parents can create profiles for their kids, and from there, they can choose lessons based on grade level and subject matter. For instance, a kid might be interested in learning about the weather, or about the moon. Khan Academy features dozens of lessons on various topics, and parents can customize their child’s profile.

The Weather Channel also offers educational videos about science and nature. There are about a dozen videos on weather and meteorology, including tides and jet streams. If your child is interested in STEM subjects, you may find an online program called Young Minds Inspire useful. You can learn about the latest developments in science and engineering through pop culture, and kids can participate in creative writing lessons or activities based on the book A Very Hungry Caterpillar masstamilan.

PBS Kids incorporates educational TV programs into its curriculum. Kids can practice handwriting and learn how to write and spell with the help of educational videos. The site also offers tips and tricks to parents. You can even find a few free resources on the site. And don’t forget to look for free resources on the Internet. You’ll be glad you did! You’ve just made your first step in finding educational resources online duysnews .

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