Fix a Lagging Internet by Following These Simple Tips

Well, it sucks when you subscribe to an internet service but it does not provide the speed that was promised. Well, besides that there are several reasons for your to experience a slow connection, but it is something that annoys us the most when we are doing something important that requires concentration as well as engagement. When you experience a lagging internet connection it disturbs your work, streaming, and has a major impact on your gaming sessions.

Well, there are several reasons due to which you internet might not be performing at its best, but we will be discussing the things you can possibly do to fix these issues. So, if you want to fix your lagging internet connection, follow the steps mentioned below.

Update Your Internet Package

First things first, you should check your internet usage per month and check whether your internet package provides that speed or not. If you are using a basic package with a basic speed but your requirements are of a higher speed package, you should consider changing or upgrading your internet package. We often perform tasks on the internet that might be taking up more speed than you already have, and that might be slowing down your internet. So, upgrade your package now and enjoy the speed that you require.

Move the Router

A lot of people are still using their traditional routers and we completely understand that they might not be able to afford a high technology router at the moment, but there are ways in which you can minimize the lag without changing your router. You can place you router somewhere near your devices or somewhere in the middle in your house from where you can access good signals everywhere in the house.

Upgrade and Get a Smart Router

Well, in case you do have the budget, you should seriously consider an advanced technology router that matches you requirements. People these days have been turning their homes into smart homes, using high tech gaming equipment, and streaming in 4K. All these things require you to have a very high-speed internet, but along with that you also need a well-functioning router that synchronizes everything and minimizes lag.

In such a case, Xfinity is perfect for you because of the remarkable Xfinity Internet Speed, and the xFi Gateway. While we all know Xfinity provides more than the speed it offers, it also allows us to rent out the xFi gateway device. The gateway has multiple functions, but its best function is that it speeds up your internet, minimizes lag to the lowest, and provides you with a high speed, synchronized home network.

Besides, getting the xFi gateway is a plus for gamers as it also comes with two Ethernet ports to provide you with a seamless internet connection on your gaming consoles. It helps you play without lags, interruption, and makes sure to get the best of your audio-visual experience by providing you with the required speed. So, especially if you are a gamer, the xFi gateway will make your life 10 times easier and more fun.

Restart the Router

It happens quite often that we don’t let our router rest and keep using it for days and months without switching it off. Well, all of our machines and devices need rest and especially if you have a traditional router, it needs to be turned off for a while. When the router keeps running, it heats up, starts lagging, and slows down. This disturbs your work and also makes the router go bad earlier than expected.

So, if you want your router to work longer and provide a decent speed, you need to let it rest every day for a while.

Reset the Router

Similar to giving it rest, you never know how many devices might have been connected to the router, or whether the password has been hacked. To make sure that it provides maximum speed and signals, reset it every once in a while and keep changing passwords. This keeps intruders out and provides you with the speed that has been promised.

Close All Background Apps and Websites

Often times when we use internet on our phone we never realize or see how many background apps and websites we have opened. This results in the internet being used more and slowing down. So, whether you work on your laptop, phone or any other device, you should make sure that all extra background apps, activities, and websites are closed. If you live with a family and each one of you takes care of this one factor, it will make a huge difference on your internet speed as well as the data usage.

Disconnect All Extra Devices

Similar to closing extra windows and apps, one more thing that slows your internet is the number of connected devices. Every house has multiple extra devices that they always have connected with the internet. These devices might not be in use at all times, but staying connected slows your internet and makes it lag. Well, in order to speed up your internet you should make sure to disconnect all extra devices and connect only the ones that need to be used. This will also save you a lot of data as well as speed.

Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing a slow internet, there might be quite a few things that you might be doing wrong. In order to fix your internet, you need to understand a few things about internet data usage and speed, and the upgrade your speed depending on your requirement. Well, even if then your internet does not perform well; you should consider calling your internet service provider to fix it. Until then, you can try the tips and tricks mentioned above to enhance your internet experience and use an interruption free internet. We hope this information was helpful for you.

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