Celie Hair: The Shoulder Length Wig Is A Perfect Hairstyle For Summer

Choosing the appropriate length is crucial. Suppose you desire a natural appearance and good blending from your hair extensions. It could be a little challenging to comprehend. Especially if your natural hair is exceptionally long or you have never worn hairpins before. Expanding for newcomers we decided to go into greater depth on the lengths of each of our chapters. So that you may select the length that is right for you, here are some things you should be aware of. And assists you in making the right choices. (HD Lace Wigs)


We advise against picking out a garment that is too long for your natural hair. Suppose you have long or shoulder-length hair, the best complementing hairstyles. There are lengthy dresses available. What, therefore, is small? We advise limiting the number to 20–22. You should be aware that in order to cover the hair pan, your natural hair needs to be at least 4-6 inches long, consequently, for people who sport a pixie cut. You must prepare an extension before picking it up.

Measurement method

To better convey to you the location of your hair extensions. You should measure your height before selecting a dress. To get the length of dress you want, just move the tape measure down with your fingers while holding it over your ear. Finding the optimal approach is made simple by doing this because your natural hair shows how long your hair is.

How they cut

To make our extensions appear thicker and healthier, the ends are clipped. You can choose to improve the skin’s matte appearance if you like. All of our extensions are 2 inches long, measuring between 20 and 22 inches.

Think about your height

Although it may seem intuitive, the extension will be longer the taller you are and vice versa. You can wear long garments if you’re tall. If you are small-framed, wear something between 16 and 18 inches. So it’s crucial to measure first. So you are aware of their placement on your arm. (Glueless Wigs)

Length: 12-14″

Available in this length: Deluxe

Ideal for: 12 to 14 inches long our arms and is the shortest. The shorter your natural hair is, the better. Ideal for thickening as well. So if you’d rather not grow hair, your hair will grow more quickly and appear thicker and healthier as a result of this.

Length: 16-18″

Seats of this length: Standard, Deluxe and Luxury seats.

Ideal for: Shoulder-length hair is best for medium-length hair up to 16 to 18 inches. If you want to add length but your hair is too short to tangle with a 20–22-inch garment, this dress, which sits above the bust, is ideal.

Length: 20-22″

Dresses of this length: Regular, Deluxe, Superior and Luxury.

Ideal for: Due to its extremely long length, our 20 to 22-inch long is the most often used and adaptable. Nonetheless simple to combine. This length falls below the chest on most individuals and is most suitable for hair longer than shoulder length. (Deep Wave Wig)

Length: 24-26″

Set this length: Deluxe and Superior.

Ideal for: The length of this garment reaches most people’s waists. As a result, it is ideal for a mermaid-worthy appearance. Since it makes style easier, this works best if you already have long natural hair.

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