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Best Apps to Earn by Referring

Referral marketing is a growing trend in mobile apps, but which ones pay the most? To find out which apps pay the highest commission, read on to discover the best referral programs for your Android smartphone. Several of the leading referral apps are TikTok, Kwai, and BuxBan. TikTok is one of the largest video sharing platforms, and if you enjoy lip-syncing, you may be interested in downloading the Kwai app.

Ampli and Fetch Rewards are two cashback apps that offer referral bonuses to users. Compared to Fetch Rewards, Ampli offers a five-dollar referral bonus, but both apps require scanning receipts. Using the apps to earn cashback, you can cash in your points for gift cards and can also earn referral points by referring friends. By referring a friend, you will get $5 when your friend scans their first receipt and earn an additional $500 for yourself.

Cred is another refer-and-earn app. Cred requires verification of your mobile number, but it offers great earning potential. After signing up, your friend can easily manage their credit card and monitor their expenses. Once they complete their first purchase, you get 50% of the money they earn after installing the app. If you enjoy sharing your referral income, Cred is a great option. The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

FusionCash is another popular app for earning referral bonuses. This online brokerage pays $5 per referral. The bonus changes frequently, so be sure to check your account dashboard to see the latest offer. Acorns is an investing app for beginners. By referring a friend to Acorns, you’ll earn $5 each time your referral makes a five-dollar investment. It’s easy to earn free money while sharing something you love.

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