3 Ways to Get SmutStone Free Gems

Getting free gems isn’t difficult – as long as you don’t mind grinding. But SmutStone is so much fun! There’s tons of sexual humor, a flying pig for a pet, and tons of grinding to do! But if you’d like to get more credits quickly, there are some ways to do it. Continue reading to discover 3 ways to get world247web free gems!

Smutstone is a card battle game

pklikes com login is an adult card game that is similar to Hearthstone. Players use cards to fight the evil queen in the game’s card battles. Players can choose from over a hundred different bitches, each with their own attack and hit points. The battles are automatically played and last until one side has no cards left to play. A comic-style cut scene will conclude the game. As you play, you’ll learn how to manage your deck and collect as many cards as possible. You’ll also discover which bitches have special abilities that will give you an advantage over the other side.

Players can also take part in a storyline that continues throughout the game. Characters include a male protagonist with an absurd sense of humor. This is the only constant character in the game, besides the mysterious toxic male. The game also features lots of cartoon-style XXX action. However, the main game mode focuses on card battles between two teams. In order to survive, your team must win every round.

It has tons of grinding

Grinding is a big part of Smutstone. You grind to collect materials and upgrade bitches to be better than your opponents. If you fail to collect enough resources, you’ll find yourself stuck in a grinding loop. Once you’ve finished grinding for a while, you can reset and start again on a new map. The difficulty is higher on the new map, so you have to level up your girls again.

If you’re tired of endless grinding, you can always play the game’s sandbox mode. pklikes features a strip club setting where your character enters a room and accidentally enters a dancer’s room. A mysterious witch then abducts her and pulls her through a mirror portal. She then transfers you to a magic world with smoking hot girls and pig-like creatures.

It has tons of sexual humor

This browser game has tons of sexual humor, including a sexy vampire girl who plucks her fangs and ravages an elemental girl’s cunt. Players can also tie up the elemental girls or simply take them away, as Smutstone features plenty of crazy content. However, there’s no sound or soundtrack to accompany the game’s sexual humor. So you’ll have to imagine the scenes in your head to truly appreciate newsminers.


While there are no voice actors in newspedias, the artwork on its cards is quite racy. There are a wide variety of girls in various body types, detailed backgrounds, and intricate clothing. The game’s protagonist is also fucked all the way to cure his disease. The sexual humor is plentiful, but the story is a little thin. At times, side quests can take away from the game’s narrative.

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